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Access to the archive

To request access to items in the AMA archive please email

Walk in researchers can obtain assistance with the archive from service desk staff at the Brownless Biomedical Library.

The physical archive

The archive consists of three parts. Held at the Brownless Biomedical Library at the University of Melbourne, there are numbered manila envelopes with multiple contents. Part one: there are some envelopes that don’t fit in the filing cabinet and these are shelved lengthwise at the end of the numerical sequence though their folder numbers are part of the one running sequence. Part two: there is an index to the envelopes which also contains extensive indexing, such as mentions of people, places and topics in the early Australian medical literature and part three: there is a set of slides of people who have photographs in the archive. There are some missing folder numbers (1-10) at the start of the collection and we don’t think they came with the collection. The contents and index were microfilmed and are in the Baillieu Library microfilm and microfiche collections. ( Collection / Medical Society of Victoria Baill MIC/o 6356 and The Medical Society of Victoria [index] Baill MIC/f 5465d ) A copy of the index microfiche is also held in the Medical History Museum where a microfiche reader is available.